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Bougie Dame wasn't something I set out to do, it kind of unfolded on its own after researching swimwear design and eCommerce. I knew I loved fashion and more so seeing it on others than myself really; also never thought I would find myself in a brick and mortar store, but now find myself designing and preparing for the world of face to face retail.  Its all very exciting and scary at the same time and I don't think I have ever been this passionate about anything other than my children.

Two years ago I began my journey into the unknown navigating various pages through google and burning the midnight oil reading non relevant articles and watching you tube videos that would ultimately put me to sleep. I stayed up most nights until 4 am scouring the very back pages of my google search results hoping for some instant gold mine of information. It was then I realized i had to take what i wanted from each article, each video and throw the rest away.

I decided to watch a little day time t.v. one day and give my brain a much deserved rest from the nightly grind of i don't know what the hell i'm doing or where i'm going research and relax. Steve Harvey was on and I enjoy his show so I watched the episode without knowing the content before hand. This particular day he spoke about jump and taking action. As usual i turned off the t.v. when I was finished and went about my day. On New Years day 2017 I jumped! I made the payment for my site and began building it with no knowledge of web design at all. I chose my inventory and stocked my store. Each day I put work in knowing that one day this very seed I planted will grow and flourish and come to fruition. That is what it's about, trying, effort and having a goal. You have all the time in the world to do nothing, but very little to do something and make it count. Today and everyday forward I choose to make it count. Everything I do will be a step toward my own personal growth and I'm not looking back!

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  • Great story… I hope this site becomes all that you wanted….


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